Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV

Wendy Williams overheated in her Halloween costume and fainted on her show, but came right back after a commercial break like a champ! She definitely gave her audience a massive scare.

Wendy responds to this here:
Wendy Talks about Fainting on Yesterday’s Show

Wendy opens up about fainting during her LIVE Halloween episode.

Wendy Williams passed out during her Halloween special on Tuesday. The host was returning from commercial break with 10 minutes left in the program, when seconds in she could be seen in visible distress. Williams, 53, was having trouble reading the cue cards and seemed to be confused, saying ‘carest’ instead of ‘contestant’. A sudden look of fear and shock then appeared in her eyes as she staggered backwards, with her hands shaking and her breathing belabored. She then dropped to the floor and multiple members of the crew could be seen rushing to her aid.

Williams said that she had overheated after an extended break and that the episode was not a stunt. She was dressed in green sequined leggings and a green sequined top along with a green wig and green foil crown for her Statue of Liberty costume. After the incident, an ambulance arrived on the scene and a wheelchair was taken out of the emergency vehicle An Escalade arrived a short time after and was ushered into the garage buy Williams’ security team.


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